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4-Methylpropiophenone, also named 4’-Methylpropiophenone Cas 5337-93-9, 4-Methylpropiophenone Cas 5337-93-9, p-Methylpropiophenone Cas 5337-93-9.  It is an organic intermediate, which can be obtained from pentanone as raw material and p-methyl. It has been reported in the literature that it can be used to prepare histone demethylase inhibitors. Its CAS number is 5337-93-9, molecular weight is 148.2 g/mol, the molecular formula is C10H12O. Our products are widely used in various fields, as well as spices, Below we will introduce 4’-Methylpropiophenone Cas c from several aspects such as the preparation.

4’-Methylpropiophenone Cas 5337-93-9 as a Organic reagents are used for the qualitative or quantitative determination of chemical elements and the separation, enrichment, and concealment of organic compounds. The application of organic reagents in analytical chemistry is very wide. From the point of use, organic reagents can be used as indicators, precipitators, titrators, colorants, extractants, adsorbents, and concealment agents. From the perspective of reaction mechanism, organic reagents are mainly based on complexation reaction, ranging from mono-type binary di-chelate to multi-chelate (see chelation) and multi-complex complexes and the application scope is becoming wider and wider. So let’s talk about organic reagents.

What is 4-methylphenylacetone CAS 5337-93-9?

4 – methyl phenylacetone the organic reagents is one of the important intermediate of cerebral vein medicines, its synthetic mechanism Fu Yike acylation reaction, but due to the raw materials toluene and ethylbenzene substituents on the benzene ring is different, leading to its neighbors, differences, para phthalein product ratio, and the production technology of solvent, reaction time and temperature and so on the choice of each are not identical. This kind of organic reagent appears in the market a lot, the demand is also very big.

What is the development prospect of organic reagents 4-methylphenylacetone CAS 5337-93-9?

Despite the rapid development of physical analytical methods, the application of organic reagents in analytical chemistry will not be reduced, and may even be expanded. Not only because it does not need to use the large-scale complicated instrument, simple and rapid determination method for analysis of geological analysis, agriculture, medicine, environmental monitoring, etc will be effective for a long time, but also a lot of instrument analysis requires the use of organic reagents, such as adsorbent, extraction agent, chromogenic agent, fluorescent reagent, covert agent, etc.), which determines the organic reagents have long-term development prospects.

What is the development course of organic reagents 4-methylphenylacetone CAS 5337-93-9?

From the beginning of the AD to the middle of the 19th century, the main use of natural organic matter (such as animal and plant extracts) for qualitative or quantitative analysis. From the second half of the 19th century to the 1920s, synthetic organic reagents began to be available. Before the 1950s, the main analytical chemistry of complexes was the precipitation reaction of binary chelates for qualitative detection, precipitation separation, and gravimetric analysis. In the 1950s and early 1960s, complexometric titration was the main method. From the late 1960s, the emphasis shifted to photometric analysis, and organic solvent extraction of chelates was also developed. In the mid-1970s, adsorbents and chelating resins were rapidly developed. Since the 1980s, Chinese analytical chemists have also made achievements in the synthesis and application of asymmetric acid reagents.

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